An introduction into the FX world – by the bear & the bull and also the baboon!

“If you want to rear financial blessings, you have to sow financially” – Joel Osteen

One of the main reasons anyone would pick up the book ‘The Bull, The Bear, And The Baboon: FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way’ by Mr. Winsor Hoang is the title of the book itself. It’s catchy and intriguing and makes you want to know what it’s all about. Flip past a couple of pages and you will soon realize that it’s about FX or Foreign Exchange. And what is this FX or foreign exchange some of you may ask? Well, I found out from the book that foreign exchange means a place or a market where currencies are traded in. The need for such a market exists because currencies need to be exchanged in order to conduct foreign trade and business. And this foreign exchange market is said to be the most liquid and biggest market than any other financial market including the stock markets of the world.

At this point if you have hastily come to a conclusion about Mr. Hoang’s book being a dry nonfiction book about forex trading, then you are wrong my friend. For the author very smartly inserts a fictional story into its midst, between the many data and information about foreign exchange trading and thus enables it to transform itself into an interesting novel as well as an informative read about FX trading.

The main protagonist is one Mr. Harry who is shown as someone who has lost it all in the doom and gloom of business bubble bursts, and who tries to reverse his fortunes by conducting foreign exchange trading courses. And through this course we come into contact with his seven students all from varied background united by a single aim to get rich and get rich quickly. Harry then becomes the stereotype of all known scamsters who try to sell lies & deceptions to the many gullible minds to fuel their own interests & agendas.

Mr. Winsor Hoang apart from coining a new term, ‘Baboon’ to describe the various individuals and firms who try to sell you false dreams, also manages to come up with a hybrid book which works both as a novel that tells a compelling story and also as a guide to any lay man interested in entering the world of foreign exchange trading.

I definitely recommend this book all who are looking for a casual read and for those who want more information on foreign trading and the company CTS Forex, there is plenty of useful information that can be found in this book.

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