Q & A with Joann Harris author of – The Demons Walk Among Us


Kevin Peter of Moterwriter.com caught up with author Joann Harris and got her to talk a little about her novel The Demons Walk Among Us. This is what transpired in the tête-à-tête with the author.

Kevin Peter: What’s a typical day in the life of Joann Harris like?

Joann Harris: After I get home from work, I write about four hours.

KP: Tell us a little about your background?

JH: I was born in Durham north Caroline and I am the mother of three great kids.

KP: How did you become a writer and have you always wanted to write?

JH: After college, I decided I wanted to go for what I always wanted to do and that was to write horror. So I put my mind to it and focused on that goal.

KP: How would you describe your writing process?

JH: I write seven days a week through the week for about four hours.

KP: Just as your writing will inspire others, who are the writers that have inspired you?

JH: Stephen King is one of my favorite writers.

KP: What do you think is the best way to influence others, through your actions and your deeds or through your words?

JH: I think through the action of your words.

KP: Do you believe in the old adage ‘Write what you know.’ Or do you think this shouldn’t apply to fiction writers?

JH: I think you should write what you know, or go in for fiction, but for non-fiction write what you know.

KP:What are your 5 favorite books of all time?

JH: The Revelation by Bentley, The Town by Bentley, Mystery walk by Robert R. Mammon Carrie by Steven King.

KP: What’s ‘The Demons Walk Among Us’ all about?

JH: The Demons walk among us is about judgment day and fighting to survive the evil.

KP: Who or what was your inspiration behind the book and its characters?

JH: I was thinking about writing that book for a long time; surviving in a fight between good versus evil.

KP: Tell us a little about Sam, Nydia and Little Sam, and what makes them special?

JH: Sam Balloon is the minister’s son. His father died in 52’ combating the evil of Satan, now the son wants to face the same evil. The couple goes through a lot to get to that point with his wife being a witch doesn’t hurt much.

KP: How much of research was involved and how do you go about researching for a book with such a theme?

JH: I did go through 2 years of research, I read the bible and I have a friend of mine to help with the research.

KP: Can we expect more stories with these characters in the future?

JH: Yes, there will be more stories.

KP: What are you expecting readers to take away from this book?

JH: I’m expecting readers to find that there are demons and they do walk among us every day.

KP: Favorite scene from the book?

JH: My favorite scene from the book is always the beginning.

KP: Reading anything at the moment?

JH: I don’t have time as I’m working on a book called the beasts.

KP: And lastly, thank you for parting with your valuable time Joann Harris and all the very best for your book.

JH: Thank you.

Connect with her at –http://thedemonswalkamongus.com/

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