Moterwriter Book Promotions

Moterwriter Book Promotions:

M.B.P is the perfect place for authors to showcase and promote their books. Moterwriter provides editorial reviews, author interviews, literary blogs/sites posting, and press releases that are designed to help you improve your online presence & aid in the marketing of your book.

Editorial Review

Moterwriter’s in-depth (500 words) reviews are known for their unbiased write-ups on both fiction and non-fiction books. Our comprehensive critique of your writing style, plot, characters & narrative will highlight the positives your book has to offer and enable readers to make a sound decision. That is why you need to give your book to us for an honest, professional and introspective feedback that will strengthen your book’s credibility.

We use a star rating service and publish only those reviews that we have awarded a 4 or 5 star rating. We don’t publish negative reviews and it is our intent to help writers promote their books using positive and author backed content. If the author approves, we’ll publish the review on Amazon, Lulu, BarnesandNoble, Goodreads and a couple of other literary blogs.

We have provided editorial reviews for 100+ books. Take a look!

Author Interview

Give your readers a chance to get to know you better. Let them know what got you started, your favorite books, your writing style, etc. Authors can also use this platform to showcase their book in detail to the world.

Press Release

Our 600 words well-crafted press release will help you create awareness and build reputation. Filled with news about the book and the author, you can schedule its release prior to your book’s launch and also as post-release promotion. Spread news about your book through the media via a carefully planned press release. Reach book reviewers with information about your book.

* Visit the showcase page to browse through a few samples from our archive section. Contact us for specific samples.

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Promotion Packages

Now purchase safely & securely even faster – just enter the order amount to the end of this link (eg: for $100 order – and then copy-paste the same to your browser and click go:

Terms & Conditions

a) Kindly forward the pdf / epub / mobi version of your book. 

b) All items will be delivered within 3 – 4 weeks of placing the order.

c) After the promotional material is prepared, it will be mailed to you for your approval. After we have your approval, the promotion process will begin and then the links to the various sites shall be sent to you.

d) Every page related to your book will have quick access buttons linking your book to all the popular social media sites. It will have an Amazon purchase link as well.

e) The Author Interview will be shared via blogs and social media and the Press Release featuring the author and book will be released via PR site, blogs & social media. You can display the interview on your website or blog.

Hurry! Order your package and pay through the secure servers of PayPal. Afterwards mail the copy of the book (pdf / epub / mobi) to the mailing address mentioned below.

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