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07 June 2015 | Baltimore MD

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit novel – The Demons Walk Among Us

Revel in a fictional world of depravity, sex, violence, and evil in preparation for Satan’s homecoming

In author Joann Harris’s novel ‘The Demons Walk Among Us’, the devil makes his appearance in a quaint little American town. Sam, a brilliant, honorable, and courageous hero along with his wife Nydia, a powerful witch and little Sam, their 4 year old son with paranormal powers have been travelling all over the country defeating the devil and his various minions. They land up in Becancour, a town undergoing drastic changes in preparation for Satan’s coming. To defeat this powerful enemy Sam and his family have to team up with the local authorities and a few remaining good souls. And these allies bound to him by blood and honor will come in handy when he goes one up against the lord of evil himself. There are dozens of characters but you will have no trouble keeping track of them and you will soon realize their purpose in the proceedings.

Welcome to Becancour, a small, sleepy town cut-off from the rest of America and the fast paced life of the modern world. Becancour has enjoyed a calm and peaceful history but all that’s about to change, because something unspeakable and evil is coming towards it.

The devil is coming to town and the streets will soon turn red and an evil fire will be kindled in the minds of people with fragile faith. The people of Becancour are about to learn the true cost of accepting the devil in their hearts.

Even though he’s a young husband and father, Sam has been hardened by the gruesome scenes and evil acts he has witnessed hunting down the devil and its various creations. But it’s in the town of Becancour that he faces his most dangerous threat. And he has to gather support from an eccentric group of individuals if he has to have any chance in hell, in defeating… hell.

“Horror stories have always been a favorite genre for me and I have tried to tell such a story within the interplay of the strength of our beliefs,” Joann Harris told us when we interviewed her in connection with the book’s promotion. When we spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum, they said the book was highly unpredictable and they couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. They also complimented the dark vein of humor running through the book and added that a lot of people would enjoy it. One of the readers, Jennifer said “Easily one of my favorite horror/thriller novels. It actually elevates the genre to a whole new level.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said that The Demons Walk Among Us was rich with detailed descriptions of a nondescript American town and was marked by jaw-dropping plot turns that come at you one after the other. “It’s a brilliant thriller that has the right degree of eerie & chill, along with perfect character integration into a simple and yet masterful plot.”

About the author:

Joann Harris was born in Durham, North Carolina. She wanted to write horror from an early age, having always found the genre tantalizing. The thrill a minute terror and stories filled with blood and gore have always fascinated her even though most people cringe and squirm when they hear such sordid details. You can find her books under the horror section on Amazon at author central. Connect with her at –

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