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30 January 2015 | Kochi

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit novel – Shadow Born

Author Paul A. Cagle’s novel is a different spin on everyone’s favorite monster – Vampire

Paul A. Cagle’s novel ‘Shadow Born’ is the first book in the Shadow-Borne Chronicles series of books. A 22 year old orphan Alec Carson may have only faint memories of being abducted and tortured by a strange woman. But he will never forget the changes brought on by that incident. Apart from the magical transformation of his body, he also attained super human abilities. This is because he was turned into a vampire that night. He is also a hybrid version, retaining human and vampire physicality. This not only makes him more powerful than other vampires but also the target of evil forces that aren’t happy with the odd one in their group. And he soon realizes that heroism comes at a steep price.

The narrative structure of Shadow Born has definite political overtones. Reflecting everyday social life, it looks at how the majority treats its own sect that is different from them or is a minority. The vampire in question, Alec gets in trouble, kicks some ass, gets saved, saves lives, learns his lessons and gradually transforms into a force to be reckoned with. The reason why readers are going to find Alec so endearing is because he does all these things in his own way, unlike a caricature and becomes a fully developed hero you will fall in love with. He also gets a lot of meaty lines to say in the narrative as the plot progresses and as his stature gets more and more important. Watching him grow, learn and change is an absolute delight and he becomes that much more real to you. The relationships shown in this book are fluid and their status keeps on changing according to the changing situation.

“I wanted to break the shackles and overcome the stereotyping done in this genre with such characters.” Paul told us when we interviewed him in connection with the book’s promotion. When we spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum, they had only wonderful things to say about the book and liked Alec’s and Marcus’s relationship and loved the two opposites coming together in a relationship. They added that they are hooked on to this brand new series and are now looking forward to the next book. Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said that Shadow Born was a great read that had all the right ingredients to carve its own place in this genre. “Alec is an honest character and people will be able to connect with him, imperfections and all.” He added that it also had some breath-taking action sequences that are sure to thrill the readers.

About the author:

Paul A. Cagle published his first book, Paranormal Journeys, in October of 2010 with limited success. It would be another two years before he sat down to start working on another book, this one a novel. After getting laid off from his job at a major insurance company, he decided to start writing a story that had been in his head for several years, and Shadow Born: Book 1 of the Shadow-Borne Chronicles started coalescing into something that resembled a novel. Two and half years after it was started, Shadow Born was published on Kindle and Amazon. He is currently working on book two which doesn’t yet have a name, but he is hoping it won’t take another two and half years to finish the second novel. Connect with him on Twitter – @TheShadowBorne

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