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23 February 2015 | Kochi

MOTERWRITER.COM Reviews The Latest Hit Novel – Peace on Earth

Author Paddy Bostock’s novel celebrates the human condition in all its shades

Paddy Bostock’s latest novel ‘Peace on Earth’ is a series of adventures in search of mankind’s latest fallacy. A wannabe actor comes into possession of a disk containing the formula for attaining peace on earth. But he loses it and soon an international array of oddball characters descend in search of it and further mayhem ensues. Random events and coincidences are aplenty and when these characters get together it lets loose quirky madness like never before. Even in the midst of its lunacy the book manages to reflect the banality of our everyday endeavours.

Chock-a-block with dry biting humor and the ability to laugh at itself, ‘Peace on Earth’ promises to be an unparalleled novel. Providing a unique experience to the readers, this novel will be akin to holding a piece of mirror to one’s soul. It provides plenty to think about, a lot that will embarrass us and some that will make us smile. Armed with a one-of-a-kind and never before heard story, the author presents a well-written and a well-told narrative that is engaging, readable and emotionally honest. Non-conforming at its very best this novel will challenge your notions of genres and plot styles in fictional literature. Readers who enjoy Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams will find this novel right up their alley. Peace on Earth is available in both paperback and ebook format in the market.

“I wanted to explore humankind with all its failings and see how it would react when faced with a life altering choice.”Paddy told us when we interviewed him in connection with the release of his novel. A spokesperson for Wings ePress said that ‘Peace on Earth’ was a clever and intelligent book that also managed to be inspiring with its narrative. An early reader at a popular online forum had this to say – “It proved to be thought provoking and provided many laugh-out-loud funny moments.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said that, he thoroughly enjoyed it and having read the author’s previous books before, he had come with certain expectations and he was glad to report that they were all met. “The greatest thing for me was the unpredictability in the plot. You could never predict what was going to happen next!”

About the author:

Paddy Bostock was born in Liverpool and holds a B.A. in Modern Languages and History, a PGDip TESL, and a PhD in English Literature. Down the years he has been a barman, a road worker, a songwriter, an educational researcher, a translator, a book reviewer, a university lecturer and Chair of Department, and a high school mentor. He lives in London with his wife, writer Dani Cavallaro, and likes animals and bicycles. He is also the author of – ‘Noddy In Wonderland’, ‘Foot Soldiers’, ‘Hand In Glove’ and ‘Two Down’

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