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07 April 2015 | Bengaluru

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit novel – Madderakka

A rich narrative and honest writing make author M C Raj’s romantic fiction the book to read this summer!

M C Raj’s novel ‘Madderakka: A Romantic Journey Through Cultures’ is a love story that celebrates the human spirit in its highs & lows. The protagonists in this love story are not just a couple of individuals but representatives of two indigenous communities from separate parts of the world. Veeran is an Adijan, member of the so called untouchable caste from India while Ramona is a Sami woman from Norway. An anthropologist and a philosopher meet under special circumstances and romance blooms between them. They also discover the similarities in rituals followed and oppressions faced by their respective communities back home. And Madderakka is the blessing brought forth by their love, she is Veeran & Ramona’s beautiful and intelligent daughter. And she continues the fight her parents had started to ensure the Adijan community gets the recognition & respect that they deserve.

Scratch the surface of its quasi metaphysical love story and you will find a hard hitting social drama. With a strong and uninhibited commentary on the state of affairs of the Adijan community in India, the way the world treats a woman vis-a-vis a man and the reach and penetration of politics in our everyday life; it is a highly intelligent novel. And this reveals itself not just in the concepts and ideas it showcases but also in the way it goes about dissecting them for a wider audience.

This book is divided neatly into two sections, while the first half deals with Veeran’s and Ramona’s interactions and romance and an insight into their respective communities. The second half concentrates on the fight Ramona undertakes for the Adijan people and how Madderakka takes this work forward. This novel is the result of some painstakingly put together extensive research that delves into the history, present and hopeful future of the Sami community in Norway and the Adijan community in India. Not many people in the world would have heard about these indigenous communities and the author should be applauded for bringing their stories to the forefront of global consciousness.

“It is a theme and a subject I’ve devoted my life to and I wanted to let my small cast of multi-layered characters tell a story that would be entertaining as well as enlightening,” M C Raj told us when we interviewed him in connection with the book’s promotion. When we spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum, they said everyone who reads this book will appreciate the author’s sense of romance & love. They also complimented the humanness in his characters in spite of their superhero-esque ambitions and drive. One of the readers Noel said “I personally enjoyed the book as a whole but couldn’t help myself from loving the early portions of the book more, which shows the lead character’s romance. The author skillfully addresses some important issues that will make you think about the inequalities prevalent in our world.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said that ‘Madderakkawas a novel that handles its multiple genre narrative masterfully and he called it a book that engages your mind & heart in equal measure. “His writing is sure to empower, energize, and motivate us. It will inspire us to become more aware of the reality of our surroundings and strive for equality in all spheres.”

About the author:

M C Raj is a well-known writer in India with more than 21 published books. He writes on philosophy, psychology, spirituality, politics, and fiction also. This is his eighth novel. He is a frequent international traveler, giving lectures at different universities and conferences. He is a reputed social and political campaigner who combines a rare intellectualism with his activism. He is an environmentalist who has got the first ever pro-Dalit CDM project registered with the UNFCCC. Having done six researches in Germany, Norway, Nepal, the Netherlands, Finland and New Zealand, he has initiated and leads a major Campaign (CERI) for Proportional Representation System in India (CERI). He has started the first ever Adijan Ashram in India and lives there. He has received an International Literary Award from the US and was honored by Claire Shot in Birmingham for a huge volume of 820 pages that he wrote. Students have done their doctoral thesis on his literary work. Connect with him at –

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