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13 June 2015 | Glenelg SA

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit book – Hypatia’s Feud

The legend of Hypatia comes alive in Nicholas Fourikis’s fine writing

Hypatia’s Feud is a historical and fictional take on the life and times of Hypatia of Alexandria. Hypatia succeeded Plato’s school of philosophy but she was more than just a philosopher. Her interests and expertise were in topics as varied as physics, biology, linguistics, astronomy, mathematics, history and much more. Between the 4th and 5th century CE, she led a key enlightenment movement at a time when the major religions treated women as inferior creatures and attributed the reason behind everything to the will of God. She was also the inventor of Astrolabe, which measures the position of heavenly bodies and Hydrometer, which measures the relative density of liquids.

The author skillfully transports you into the heart of Alexandria, Egypt. A city-centre that was known far and wide for its ready acceptance of arts, higher learning and research and also for being tolerant to different religious faiths and beliefs. But the situation slowly changes for the worse when the Christian patriarchs of the city tries to take control of the civic administration and enforce Christianity as the sole religion. And in the midst of this turmoil is Hypatia, who regularly holds gatherings and conducts speeches attended by many where she inspires and encourage people to question everything and promotes rational and scientific thinking. Hypatia also advocated knowledge for all irrespective of one’s gender, religious beliefs or economic class. Orestes, the prefect of Aegyptus supporting Hypatia publicly becomes an important turning point in both their lives. This needless to say puts her in direct confrontation with the zealot Christian monks and their leaders who are out to snuff out Jews and Pagan followers from the city. And a trivial incident at the theatre sets off a tit-for-tat clash between the Christians and the Jews which end up having a horrendous and cascading effect on Hypatia and her students.

The relevance of Hypatia’s story remains true to this day and age as the rational and wise are still being hunted down by the ignorant majority led astray by their deep beliefs in outdated religious dogma.

“The story of humanist/philosopher Hypatia is for all ages and no time is better than today to retell her stories of battles with religious zealots, as we find our world in the midst of numerous similar battles all over,” Nicholas Fourikis told us when we interviewed him in connection with the book’s promotion. When we spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum, they said that they were particularly impressed by Hypatia’s debates. “The way she speaks and makes her mind known to the crowd which was predominantly male without any source of malice towards her opponent truly speaks a lot about her character.” One of the readers Annie said “The debate at the courtyard is the perfect stepping stone to understanding Hypatia better.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said that the book was a real eye-opener and that he got to learn so much about this character Hypatia from history whose life story is mired in both fact and fiction. “There’s plenty of quotable quotes available in this book that will definitely open up some healthy debates and discussions in your mind.”

About the author:

Nicholas Fourikis, MSc PhD was the recipient of a classical Greek education in Cairo, and spent school holidays either in Alexandria, the birthplace of Hypatia or in Greece.

After the family migrated to Australia he pursued undergraduate studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and postgraduate studies at Macquarie and New South Wales universities.

During a distinguished career in Radio Astronomy he spent a year at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, discovered five interstellar molecules in collaboration with Australian, American and Japanese spectroscopists and authored two university textbooks on Radio Astronomy and advanced Radars.

In his other literary novel, “Hollywood Amarroo – Two lovers shine in Australia’s Deep North,” he chronicled the lives of two young lovers who ignored the prejudices of the sixties to defend an Aboriginal mother accused of manslaughter.

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