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13 March 2015 | Kochi

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit novel – Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses

Author Mona Gustafson Affinito’s historical fiction is a stunning take on faith and love

Mona Gustafson Affinito’s latest book ‘Figs & Pomegranates & Special Cheeses: A Love Story’ retells the story of biblical Job from the point of view of his wife. Enter a mystical and exotic land of great happenings as Mrs. Job a.k.a. Dara takes you behind the scenes in a unique first person narrative. We follow her journey from childhood to adulthood as she tackles varied themes of friendship, love, and faith in her life. This is not just the story of Job’s wife; it is a story about a woman who showed unparalleled courage in the face of multitudes of change that rocked her life. It’s an inspiring story that encourages you to have faith in your own core beliefs and values. Hearing the story from the perspective of such a strong woman is bound to leave you contemplating the choices you would have made if you were in a similar position.

Author Mona presents to the current generation an original story idea about a long forgotten period filled with emotions of love, values, faith and belief. It is a wonderful mix of drama and biographical account of an often neglected figure from the biblical stories. It introduces Dara, Mrs.Job, to the world like never before. Of the many female characters introduced in the bible, not many have had a follow up story line in the final write-up. This is where historical fiction and fiction based on biblical stories and characters come in handy. Through such work we get to re-imagine and feel the important roles these characters would have played in the timeline of the original stories. Though spiritual in nature never once does the book preach to you about its philosophy. This is why this book will appeal to a wide cross-section of the audience because you are sure to find something in here that will appeal to your reading habit.

“I didn’t want to make it a religious book or something that would appeal only to academics. I just wanted to tell a simple love story that would resonate with almost everybody,” Mona told us when we interviewed her in connection with the book’s promotion. When we spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum, they said the language of the book was very approachable and easy to follow. They further complimented the obvious research done for such a magisterial work of historical nature. One of the readers, Maria, said “I was really transported to that period. Without ever getting wrought up over the facts and details, the author paints an amazing landscape filled with a beautiful story.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said there was a beautiful love story portrayed within its pages, different from what one gets to see nowadays. He further complimented the editing of the book and the chapter breaks which ensure commitment and continuity in reading from the readers. “There’s an ornate beauty in these lines. The dialogues are in fact poetry in disguise.”

About the author:

Mona Gustafson Affinito is a Professor Emerita at Southern Connecticut State University where one of her special areas was the Psychology of Women and of the Adler Graduate School with an emphasis on social psychology. The academic phase of her career was supported by a PhD in Personality and Social Psychology. Overlapping the latter years of her teaching career was the development of a private therapy practice, first in Connecticut and then in Chaska, Minnesota where she currently practices as a Licensed Psychologist. She is also a registered Health Service Provider in Psychology. “Let Yourself Grow” is the theme of her work along with “Forgiveness Options.” The other titles she has authored are: ‘Forgiving One Page at a Time’, ‘When to Forgive’, (Published in India as ‘The Importance of Forgiving’), and ‘Mrs. Job.’ Connect with her at –

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