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29 May 2015 | Marina Bay

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit novel – Captain Hawk

A consummate sailor, exotic locations and high octane adventures come together in an exciting new novel!

Author SJ Garland’s novel ‘Captain Hawk’ chronicles the lives of British and Dutch expats in Singapore at the pinnacle of the East India Company’s reign. It’s set in the early 1800’s and we follow the adventures of Nathaniel Hawk, an able and highly trained seaman who would rather seek glory and adventures on land than out on the sea. But after a series of nefarious mishaps threaten the peaceful existence of the shipping business, Nathaniel finds himself at the centre of it all especially after a great tragedy strikes close to home. This is the story of a man who must desperately find answers to secrets surrounding his life, not only to find closure but also to secure his future. It is the first book in the Hawk’s Legacy Series.

Nathaniel Hawk, is a young man schooled in seafaring and the ways of seamen but he is reluctant to join his father Sebastian Hawk and take responsibility of the ship. Captain Hawk is a sea captain par excellence and he’s known throughout the shipping circles of the East India Company. But he also has his share of enemies who would like nothing more than to finish him off for good. At this time a mysterious black colored ghost ship starts terrorizing and sinking many ships on this route. Out on the trail to investigate this mystery ship, Captain Hawk’s ship too meets the same fate. This proves to be a major turning point in Nathaniel’s life as he now has to embrace a lifestyle he had decided to forgo and unlock secrets to find his father’s killers. He forms an alliance with a band of more than able seamen and his father’s compatriots in Masters, Buck and Bishop to hunt for the ghost ship. But trouble follows them in around in the form of a Dutch ship captain who won’t stop until Nathaniel is destroyed.

With numerous problems developing both on land and on the sea, the characters in ‘Captain Hawk’ must overcome all odds just to survive and fight another day. This novel in which Nathaniel proves his mettle and shows the makings of the legend he will become is the first book in this brand new maritime historical fiction series.

“I’ve tried to get the right mix of adventure, excitement and historic depiction, I hope readers will have fun reading it as much as I did writing it,” SJ Garland told us when we interviewed her in connection with the book’s promotion. When we spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum, they said that it gives a very expert portrayal of sea life from the 18th century and what it meant to captain a ship for the East India Company. One of the readers Alex said “Since this is the first book in the series we get to see the progress the character Nathaniel Hawk makes from being almost a wayward youth to an able sea captain.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said that reading Captain Hawk rekindles a sense of adventure in you because of the level of involvement you find yourself devoting towards the book’s narrative. “All sorts of readers should enjoy this book but particularly younger readers will find the hero Nathaniel captivating and should be able to identify with him.”

About the author:

Garland writes historical adventure novels set in the times she would like to have lived. Or at least thinks she would have! Originally from Vancouver Canada, Garland has spent a decade travelling around the world and enjoyed eating her way through many different cultures.

She is currently living in Singapore and contemplating getting a gold fish. Garland loves skiing, cooking, rugby and of course, sampling the great wines from around the world.

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