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06 June 2015 | Ottawa, Ontario

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit novel – A Twist of Fortune

A novel that accurately reflects the kind of events that typically occur in the police world

Author Mike Martin’s novel ‘A Twist of Fortune’ tells the tale of Sergeant Winston Windflower of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A small fishing community called Grand Bank in Newfoundland, Canada reels under the effects of globalization as their local fishing industry is systematically taken apart. But this tight-knit community is rocked even further by the discovery of a couple of dead bodies in a car during a snow storm. And Sgt. Windflower and his efficient team of police force must not only solve the case but deal with a nasty snow storm threatening to double their workload. This is the fourth book in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series.

Sgt. Windflower gets a dispatch call alerting him to an accident off the highway which was closed off due to a snow storm. When Windflower and his deputies reach the site, they find the dead body of a man behind the wheels. Although initially written off as an accident, further investigation and the coroner’s report suggests otherwise and a simple accident case quickly turns into a homicide investigation. To further muck up matters, a female constable on the rolls of Windflower’s team starts acting odd and botches up the evidence collected from the crime scene. They then discover another dead body in the trunk of the same car. Investigation into the case reveals a murky underside to the community involving rampant drug sales and misuse of prescription medicines. The police team is quickly able to shortlist the suspects responsible for the death of the two men whose bodies were found in the car. Then begins a series of investigations into uncovering truths and to find out the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the crime.

“Readers will enter the lives of police personnel from the lowest to the highest level and will learn how they operate and adapt to continuous challenge and changes around them,” Mike Martin told us when we interviewed him in connection with the book’s promotion. When we spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum, they said this was one of those rare police detective stories that can be read by all members of a family because of the cap on unnecessary violence, sex and gore, usually found in this genre. One of the readers Jeff said “While there’s this close-knit kinship among the Grand Bank members that results in a lot of community help and brotherhood, the town also suffers from a common small town syndrome of news and rumors flying thick and fast even before official word kicks in. This was something I was able to relate with seeing that I too hail from a similar small community.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for said that A Twist of Fortune illustrates the complexities of police work, the happy, sad and satisfying events experienced by members of the Force. “Although it’s a fiction book, anyone considering a career in the police force should read this book before enlisting to understand that 99% of police work consists of such mundane and routine work and only 1 % gives you the adrenaline rush.”

About the author:

Mike Martin was born on Newfoundland on the East Coast of Canada and now lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. Mike is a longtime freelance writer whose articles and essays have appeared in multiple media formats across the world. The Walker on the Cape was the first book in the Winston Windflower mystery series, which was followed by The Body on the T and Beneath the Surface. A Twist of Fortune is the latest installment in the series.

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