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In order for any independent author to make it to the best-sellers list, he or she will need professionally written reviews of their published book. And nothing is more pleasing to an author than reading the published & honest reviews of their books.

Reviews play an important role in deciding a book’s ranking on Amazon & Goodreads.  

When your book receives honest and positive reviews from verified accounts, then it will be automatically recommended to others browsing the same category of book titles. And if your book receives more than 50 positive reviews, your title will be added to the newsletter and e-mail and will be recommend to readers who bought a similar book.

You could always ask bloggers and other readers at popular book sites to review your book. But here are some of the main issues that you are likely to run into. a) People may not even respond to your review request, b) Those who do and accept your book then don’t show the same enthusiasm in posting the review, c)  They take months to get back and even then it is a 3 or 4 sentence review that doesn’t do any justice to your book.

We know how critical it is for authors to get their books reviewed and that too on time. So Moterwriter has joined hands with 100s of expert book reviewers and Amazon account holders to help you get honest and professional level book reviews.

Terms & Conditions

Our scope is limited to getting your book in the hands of a qualified reviewer who likes a particular genre and then ensuring that the review is posted on Amazon/Goodreads within a reasonable period of time. Goodreads and Amazon allows only one review per billing address and the computer’s IP address. Hence, our reviewers charge more for utilizing their posting rights than for writing a review. Amazon is infamous for deleting scores of published reviews; a quick internet search will reveal more information about this. And because of this, Moterwriter assures one-time re-posting of any deleted review from a different account at no extra charge to the client, but only if it happens within 30 days of the original posting.

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Disclaimer:  Please don’t demand positive reviews. We merely ensure that your book gets in the hands of a qualified and genre appropriate book reviewer. Then we follow-up and make sure they deliver the reviews within an agreed period of time.

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