Moterwriter – Editing Services

Moterwriter offers professional & comprehensive editing solutions to make your manuscript ready for publishing.

Editing & Proofreading 

So you have just finished writing the final draft of your manuscript. But is it really the final draft that you have in hand?

Because a lot of typos, grammatical errors & creative mistakes may be there and you would be better advised to get them rectified before submitting to a publisher, this is especially so if you are going to publish your book the indie way.

But with Moterwriter’s editing services at hand, you can sit back and relax. Just submit your manuscript to us, decide how quickly you need the work done and we will do the rest. You will retain all copyright on the work and will also have final creative control over the edit. 

There are two levels of editing available for you -

Copy-editing: This will include spelling and grammar correction, undoing unnecessary punctuation & wrongful case usage. It also includes limited sentence rewriting or word replacement.

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Basic Editing

Substantive: Along with the above, this will include detailed structural editing, i.e. providing a comprehensive editing solution that includes extensive editing for language and style to improve the flow of sentences.

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