The spy next door – A review of the novel ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’

“Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.” – Sara Shepard.

Author Rowanna Green’s novel ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ is the second book in the Hostage series. Although a sequel, it’s not a follow-up story to the first book and instead we follow the adventures of two characters that first made an appearance in Fox Amongst Wolves. Carrie and Bryn are two dissimilar military characters who must pretend play to be husband & wife to draw out a common enemy.

The writing is very straightforward and it will connect with you because of the honesty in the emotions. The character development is spot on and the suspense filled narrative fits the original storyline to the hilt. And even though Carrie and Bryn have issues and emotional baggage to work upon, their budding romance has been handled very well. In fact scenes of them dealing with their true feelings inside a made-up marriage will tug at your heartstrings. Apart from the main leads, the book also has an interesting string of secondary characters that could possibly have their own adventurous story in the next installment.

Even though there’s quite a bit going on in the background, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is still a very satisfying suspense romance novel with plenty of action, intrigue and drama. With conflicted and yet likeable characters in its midst, this spy drama is a sure shot winner.

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