The Z Files – A review of the book “Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?”

“Coincidence is merely the puppeteers’ curtain, hiding the hands that pull the world’s strings” – Kaleb Nation

Psychologists have often said that a man’s character is derived from three elements, these being his inherited genes, his childhood & upbringing and an X factor that no one has been able to decipher till date. And it is this X factor that makes dissecting the life of a person all the more interesting.A person may be good or bad, he may be a scientist or a sinner or both but we still don’t know what makes them like that.And what if it was something otherworldly that ultimately molded people’s character? Then the question arises, do people then deserve credit for all the good that they do and more importantly, do they deserve the blame for all the bad that they do as well?

Author Katherin B. FitzPatrick’s new book “Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?” is a fictionalized account of true events that the author was privy to in her life. Using only a few aliases, the author narrates what she claims is the actual truth behind the Zodiac killer, the world famous malevolent killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in California, USA for almost a decade from late 1960’s to late 1970’s. She tells the story of a couple who spotted the Zodiac killer no less than three times on a 1978mid October night and whose actions ensured the disappearance of the famous killer. The author claims it was a proverbial fight between good and evil, with powerful angel armies on the couple’s side and dark demonic forces on the killer’s side and ultimately it was the battalion of angel armies that protected them from the Zodiac killer’s demonic threat to their lives.

San Francisco, California is an iconic city-county in North America that is famous for its hills, sun rises, the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and the bustling people and lifestyle that has always made this a fascinating city to live in. But like all fairytale stories, this city too had a dark past to it because of an evil killer who terrorized its citizens and made a mockery of its police department and judiciary. Zodiac Killer’s terrorizing ways, his phantom escape from the clutches of police and his mysterious disappearance have always been a hot topic for gossip among popular culture connoisseurs.  Everyone has had a different take on who he was and what happened to him.  Katherin’s version is not only different and unique from them but it is also perhaps the most original one of the lot.

Since it’s not fair to readers who haven’t read the book, I won’t reveal too much of the book’s main theme or of its plot line. But I will say this; people shouldn’t approach this book looking to get an insight into the Zodiac case told through perhaps a hard cold journalistic point of view or in the style of a detective story, this is not that kind of a book. And the author has openly stated in the beginning that it is a story based on true events with only a few fictionalized parts, so it basically comes down to the reader willing to take that metaphorical leap of faith and trusting the author’s word.If you are willing to do so then you won’t need any further convincing and will believe the author when she talks about her many unique experiences associated with this case. And that is why I personally enjoyed the book, as it is different and it showed an alternative outlook and ending to this highly mysterious case.

I would suggest you to approach the book with an open mind, be ready to question but do bear in mind that not everything in this world of ours can be explained with a rational and logical answer. And as they say, there is no absolute truth and only variations of the reality as experienced by different people.

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Print Length: 329 pages

Publisher: Xulon Press (April 28, 2014)


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