154 Years Ago – A review of the book ‘South Africa’s Forgotten Revival’

“How many years have I not served God as a servant? But what a great difference serving Him as a servant and serving Him as a son!  I only now understand the freedom” – Van Der Lingen

Olea Nel’s book ‘South Africa’s Forgotten Revival: The Story of the Cape’s Great Awakening in 1860’as the title suggests revisits an important historical moment in the Cape Colony’s history. Under the control of the Dutch East India Company, the land had very few congregations and even less pastors available for spiritual guidance. Moreover the Synod’s insistence on using Dutch as the medium of communication in church at a time when the average burgher spoke Afrikaans, soon led to a poor understanding of the Gospel. This proved even more so for their Coloured and African servants. This hurdle was eventually overcome after the revival had swept through the Cape. As a direct result, the Afrikaans language movement got underway, and the Dutch Bible was translated into Afrikaans.

Having read Olea Nel’s book ‘Andrew Murray: Destined to serve,’ there were a few things that I had come to expect before picking up this book, and needless to say, it left me satisfied on all counts. For starters, it is thoroughly researched and has been able to pack into its pages a great deal of information on this important Christian event. Narrating the story from the points of view of different characters, and showing the progress these pastors made in the lives of so many people, will easily appeal to a wide range of audiences. The various eye-witness accounts, the rapid changes in the field of education, especially with Andrew Murray championing the cause of women’s education and the voluntary movement of youngsters joining the ministry, are some of the other highlights worth mentioning. Olea’s book is full of inspiration and encouragement to the faithful and workers of the Lord to have faith in God to replicate such a revival world over.

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Print Length: 212 pages

Publisher: Olive Twig Books; 2010 Edition (October 16, 2014)


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