Training Humans – A review of the novel ‘Someone to look up to’

“Happiness is a warm puppy” – Charles M. Schulz

Author Jean Gill’s novel ‘Someone to look up to: the story of a special dog’ narrates the story of Sirius a Pyrenean mountain dog living in France. Working as a sort of memoir, it follows Sirius’s life from when he was a little puppy living with his fluffy little brothers and sisters, to growing up amongst humans, always working hard to ensure that the humans were trained to meet his every need. And perhaps it’s this close contact with humans that ensured that he had to undergo several human like emotions in his canine life, such as love, betrayal, sadness and ultimately hope for a brighter future and gaining a deeper insight into the vagaries of life.

Someone to look up to’ presents readers with a unique experience of reading a book about life and growing up from a dog’s perspective. This book is bound to remind you of your own dog and the numerous wonderful moments you must have spent with it. Although it does become sentimental at times and can leave you teary eyed, this book will primarily make you laugh and remind you once again the important role dogs and pets play in your daily life. And Jean has really aced this by bringing up various situations that one would face in a day to day life and then showing how humans and dogs interpret the same situation so vastly different. Plus her commentary on human behavior in various social situations via the thought process of a dog is hilarious and deeply insightful at the same time.

Funny, touching, heartfelt and memorable, this is one of those books that should have a ‘must read’ tag on its cover. All in all, it is a good entertaining book with a great message.

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