All In The Family – A review of the novel ‘Smooth Intentions’

“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten” – David Ogden Stiers

Author Kimberly Michelle Stewart’s novel, ‘Smooth Intentions’ narrates the story of a wealthy family that overcomes grave threats from outside and personal squabbles from inside to emerge stronger and united than ever before. Tony Clark is a rich businessman heading a very successful business empire; his two sons are Monty and Kenny. Now the two brothers are as different as it gets, while Monty is the pin up son/ brother/husband/father and a whole lot more, Kenny is the proverbial black sheep, jealous and bitter of his brother’s success and disappointed at not being able to live up to their father’s expectations. When things start going wrong due to crooked men and jealous competition who find an unwitting ally from within, then the family has to come together to rise up to the challenges posed to them and leading them on this charge is Skylar, single dad Monty’s lone child. Trained in martial arts and gun fighting, she leads the family and the business as her granddad Tony envisaged.

It is an extremely fast read and once you begin you won’t be able to put the book down until you get to the very end. There’s a lot going on for this novel, it has warring brothers who come together when it matters the most, a young and rising femme fatale sort of character, an archetypal hero who is the epitome of all the ideals you would want in a man. There are a lot of small part characters who fill in the background nicely and work well with the main protagonists. There’s a bit of subtle social and political commentary in it as well. The author has also hinted that Gods and Angels or an unknown force is always guiding and overseeing our daily lives and affairs. The level of suspense and mystery has been kept alive till the very end and for that the author deserves special mention.  There is a big action filled climax towards the end which offers a lot of thrills and yet throws up quite a sad eye wetting moment. The author has pretty much established the character of Skylar as the ass kicking, ready to defend her family’s honor heroine through this book, showing her physical and mental growth right from her infancy. So Kimberly has kept the sequel option alive and has made it a highly anticipated event to look forward to.

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Print Length: 114 pages

Publisher: Bookstand Publishing (September 19, 2014)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English


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