Back In Time – A review of the novel ‘Slater’

“Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions” -Benjamin Disraeli

Author Jacky Gray’s novel ‘Slater’ is centred around one of mankind’s most amazing and famous mysteries, the Stonehenge. She weaves a fictional tale around the titular character of Slater who finds himself back in time in a world filled with ancient rituals & sacrifices. The readers will get to experience a historical account seeped in fantasy about the creation of Stonehenge and the never ending tales of love, betrayal and man’s quest for power and control across the millennia.

Jacky Gray’s narrative is filled with carefully researched and meticulously planned historical imaginings. The plot is gripping and suspenseful, especially with the threat of the evil shaman Tauroch hanging over Slater’s head early on in the book. The character development deserves full marks as well, be that of Slater or even Aurala and the mutual respect they have for each other really comes out in Gray’s writing. The writing and the language too deserve extra praise for recreating an imaginary world in the minds of the book’s readers and that too in such a vivid and grand manner.

Slater manages to draw you into its midst, making you a part of its world and you will bear witness to the character’s hopes and struggles. Gray’s recreation of an ancient civilization is beautiful and she makes the world of Stonehenge come alive. A great cast of characters and a fascinating story helps Slater earn its spot in the list of best historical fictional novels.

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