Doctor’s Confession – A review of the novel ‘Save Him’


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Author Rex Roy’s book ‘Save Him’ is a short read narrating the efforts of a dental professor trying to save the life of one of his students. When Dr. Mathew, a former addict catches one of his brightest student Amith smoking ganja on the campus, instead of taking the corporal punishment route he begins narrating his life incidents to try and turn the student’s life around. The professor shares with us his own highly personal and painful tale covering his addiction, suffering, isolation, destitution and finally salvation after the intervention of a monk like figure in his life.

An immensely powerful book, Save Him brings us the heartbreaking downfall that is a drug addiction. The atmosphere in a medical college is something the author has got spot on and something that former inmates will applaud for its accuracy and originality. The different kinds of people you meet in there and the many different kinds of friendships you make, all of which leads us to different paths have also been explored nicely. The mysterious monk who comes into the young student’s life brings with him a spiritual aura and a philosophy seeped in eastern traditions that transforms this young man’s life completely and instils in him a responsibility to help others and save other people’s lives like he was once saved.

This is a highly inspiring book that reaffirms the fact that you can always make a comeback in life in spite of self afflicted strikes or the ones fate throws your way. The power of this book lies in its ability to provoke our empathy for both the younger and older Dr. Mathew, because in doing so it enriches our connection, our humanity.

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Print Length: 59 pages

Publisher: Partridge Publishing India (16 October 2014)


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