All’s well that ends well – A review of the novel ‘Ruby Silver’

“Heroes need monsters to establish their heroic credentials. You need something scary to overcome” – Margaret Atwood

In author Randall Reneau’s book ‘Ruby Silver’ which is the third book in the Trace Brandon series, we are introduced to the characters of Trace Brandon and his partners Will Coffee and Cyrus McSweeny who are in the midst of setting up a mining company business in the Old Ruby Mining District. But even before their business plan is able to take off, they land themselves in trouble by entering into an altercation with a giant of a man, who goes by the name, Autry Ollinger. Ollinger is someone we soon come to identify as one of the ‘villains’ of the story. That’s because Trace Brandon and company soon find more trouble as it comes looking for them in the form of a crime family syndicate run by Peter Pantelli who has a very ingenious way to try and take control of their company. Having to alternate between the devil and the deep sea to keep his business and their lives out of trouble, Brandon seeks help of a former associate Marion Thistlewaite to help them clear away the mess and get their lives back on track.

Ruby Silver has just received honourable mention at the Hollywood Book Festival and it is no surprise why. There are a lot of positives one will encounter in the book, one inevitable mention is the way Randall Reneau, has used his vast experience and background to the hilt by marrying fiction with real information and facts about a science subject. That he manages to hold the reader’s attention riveted throughout even while discussing a field like geology is no mean feat. A lot of attention to detail has been heaped upon while discussing both intricate parts of the story and also secondary sub plots as well.

Reneau has created a real winner of an archetypal hero in Trace Brandon, he is charismatic and has tremendous appeal and easily manages to become the centre of attention anytime he appears in the book’s pages. That being said, all the secondary players too are well developed and have been given enough space in the book for you to explore their personalities better.

Ruby Silver is a pacy thriller that at times offers glimpses of an old western with the good and bad squaring off to settle their duels. Although I have been introduced to Trace Brandon only in the third instalment, I look forward to reading the previous two books in the series and any further ones Randall Reneau may have planned with Trace Brandon in the lead. His next work due for release is South of Good and the blurb on that one has already raised my level of expectation.

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