Always a Warrior – A review of the novel ‘Rory’

“Obey the principles without being bound by them.” – Bruce Lee

Author Jacky Gray’s novel ‘Rory’ is the follow up story of Archer, a brave teenage warrior from an alternate medieval England. His council back home sends him to present-day England to observe and report about the inhabitants and their lifestyle. And as this ‘alien’ mingles with the common folk, he learns a whole new way of speaking & living and in return imparts important life lessons to those around, values that seemed to have been lost in the race to become modern and civilized.

The basic idea of a person from a different age interacting with the elements and people of the present lends itself to create many wonderful plot lines. And the author has utilized this beautifully to create a story about a young man coming to grips with changes happening both internally and externally. The book does a great job in making you question your life choices through subtle hints & questions the lead character asks. Rory also has plenty of laugh out loud moments as the author uses her keen observation to wriggle out laughs from even the unlikeliest of sources. It also delivers a strong statement against bullying, without preaching and the timing couldn’t have been more apt.

Archer is the kind of hero who inspires you to awaken the hero in you and should be a hit with readers everywhere.

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