The Ultimate Carnival – A review of the novel ‘Peace on Earth’

“In a mad world, only the mad are sane.” – Akira Kurosawa

Author Paddy Bostock’s latest novel ‘Peace on Earth’ is a series of adventures in search of mankind’s latest fallacy. A wannabe actor comes into possession of a disk containing the formula for attaining peace on earth. But he loses it and soon an international array of oddball characters descend in search of it and further mayhem ensues. Random events and coincidences are aplenty and when these characters get together it lets loose quirky madness like never before. Even in the midst of its lunacy the book manages to reflect the banality of our everyday endeavours.

Paddy is fast becoming a master of the slightly quirky storytelling which in reality shouldn’t work but invariably does and that too very well. The absurdities of life that humans, the supposedly intelligent life beings run after have been discussed in this almost allegorical story. ‘Peace on Earth’ like Paddy’s previous books is also full of British humor and charm that engages your intellect too. For a disillusioned generation it’s a gift that such writers exist who can hold forth logical and rational arguments in a witty manner. The flow of words have almost a poetic feel to them, they manage to make this deep connection with your soul. Which when you think about is quite special because of all the zany madness going around in the background. It provides a refreshingly fresh take on modern life and its many distractions.

It has a plot that is rooted in the present times with excellent use of pop-culture references and elements from our day-to-day life. The chapter breaks are brilliantly put together, the editing is so precise that you will find it hard to stop reading at the end of a chapter without wanting to start the next one immediately. Some of the lines in the book are just too hilarious and worthy of being re-read and highlighted in your book. The novel also celebrates girl power in the kick-ass fashion that Hollywood films are famous for. And ever so occasionally in the plot, the author takes it upon himself to take on the archaic rules of the establishment and poke fun at it and does so splendidly. Paddy has this understated ability to take the mortification of everyday life and string a highly entertaining story around it.

Make no mistake; there is an underlying feel of seriousness to the proceedings. Because even though a lot of the scenes and characters have been designed to invoke laughter, they also make you think about the bigger picture. The author has created a remarkable fictional world that just gets better by each turn of the page. All his characters stand out and the Dickensian mirror he brandishes really reflects our current state of affairs.

The charm of this book lies in the unpredictability of its plot line, one strange situation changes quickly into another equally befuddling one. So the only advice I can give you is to fasten your seat belt and surrender to its brilliance for maximum enjoyment.

Product Details

Paperback: 380 pages

Publisher: Wings ePress (2015)

ISBN-10: 1613097832

ISBN-13: 978-1613097830

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