Thy hilarious kingdom cometh – A review of the novel ‘Noddy In Wonderland’

“Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it” – Mason Cooley

Rules were made to be broken, especially when these rules were created by a few to control the majority. Human beings can’t survive on impulses alone in the long run; they need objective standards to set their life choices against. And objectivity requires principles and not some arbitrary rules. Principle means having a choice, a say, an understanding of reality to let thyself be governed by an explicit or implicit authority, directly or indirectly. And when principles fail, all hell breaks loose.

Author Paddy Bostock returns with a brand new novel ‘Noddy In Wonderland’ that extols you to stick it to the man while chuckling away till the very end. When a former soldier, Noddy returns to his hometown, Liverpool, he harbours a dream of becoming its king and no, he doesn’t suffer from PTSD. When he shoots a government minister in the bottom, he unwittingly divides the country into two groups, a group of fan boys and copycats who approve of him and the entire government machinery who threaten to go all out against him. How Noddy manages to turn this situation around and see his dream come true forms the rest of the story. And on this fantasy adventure he chugs along a large group of accomplices and friends including his brother Knobby, a beautiful gothic girlfriend Meryl and even an elf and a talking dog.

Paddy Bostock is that kind of an author whom you could drop in the middle of the ocean and he would still find something funny about every wave that threatens to drown him. Mixing satire and sarcasm to a full blown out fantasy novel is hard work as there’s always a chance that the comedy may not work as you intended especially when you are hood winking the reader by hiding behind a character and talking about some real socio political issues. But in ‘Noddy In Wonderland’ behind the obvious hilarity lies a profound understanding of human nature and an in depth contemplation of ineffable issues. The book is packed in such a manner that even though there are plenty of ‘messages’ there are also enough pop culture references and subtle humor and not so subtle one liners in every page that you can’t help but chuckle out aloud and also acknowledge the genius behind the fine writing.

Just like in his previous books Paddy’s latest one is also a complex novel with so many characters and so many things happening at the same time. But his multi dimensional characters are all brilliantly conceived and sympathetic, who bring their unique bit to the story telling. The story has several plots going on at once that are constantly interrupted by each other but they somehow all come together beautifully. The characters and the situations simply become the many small pieces to a beautiful puzzle at the end.

Noddy In Wonderland is a wild ludicrous ride with a narrative which probably wouldn’t make sense in any other setting and you would call it out too but under Paddy’s measured writing and almost maniacal genius you willingly go along with the ride and soon everything starts making sense when you realize that the author has wittingly and mockingly attacked the flaws in our system that we’re all aware of, but choose to do nothing about.

There’s a lot that you can take away from this novel, like the author’s ability to interject this deadpan, sarcastic humor with the absurdity of our everyday life. He has flawlessly combined so many elements to form a book that has the best a fantasy, a mystery, a romance and a comedy novel has to offer. Editing of the book is top notch as the pace of the narrative is never allowed to slow down while presenting serious issues through characters and situations that are extremely funny.

This is the kind of book that you should consume slowly, preferably one page a day to soak in the beauty of the madness but here’s the big contradiction, once you start reading it you will realize how good it is and you will end up cursing yourself for not being able to wean away from it and you will get cursed at too for ignoring your ‘worldly’ functions as you sit glued to the happenings in Noddy In Wonderland.

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