Tough Love – A review of the novella ‘I’ll never amount to nothing so you say’

“If you truly loved someone you won’t become their enemy. You will become their guardian angel.” – Shannon L. Alder

Monica Helene Thomas’s book ‘I’ll never amount to nothing so you say’ is a short fiction story revolving around an African-American single mother and her children. Hardened from a tough childhood involving a bickering and over-bearing mother, Keisha Hawkins is now herself a single mother to two children. Her grit and determination to overcome her mother’s negative image of her turns her into a success. But something remains amiss in her life as the anger towards her mother and her past haunts her present. And it is only when an unfortunate incident occurs in her life that the pieces of her life finally start falling into place.

Monica’s book is a realistic story about loving, hurting and healing. This novella can be called a love story but the love in this story doesn’t revolve around your atypical hero and heroine. The love in this story is between a mother and her child, it’s a love between siblings’ and the greatest of them all it’s about the love for oneself. Because you have to take care of yourself first and only then will you be physically and emotionally fit to love someone else. The writing ensures that you will get entrapped in Keisha’s family life from the very beginning and will establish a special bond with these characters. The growth of her character has also been captured nicely within these many pages. The person we are introduced to in the start of the book transforms a great deal by the end as she finally gets the closure she was looking for.

It’s an inspiring read that teaches you how self-loathing and hate won’t get you anywhere.

Product Details

Paperback: 58 pages

Publisher: America Star Books (February 16, 2015)

ISBN-10: 1680908626

ISBN-13: 978-1680908626

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