Love Revelations – A review of the book ‘Hunt ‘N Bunny in Wonderland’

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” – Mark Twain

Women say they have to kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince. Men may have it slightly better in that they have to kiss a lot of ‘princesses’ before they find their queen of hearts.

The right man or woman brings more than just stability or companionship to your life.  When you meet the right person all aspects of your life, fall right into a new and better order. A healthy and supportive relationship can provide a new sense of direction and purpose!

So what causes all the resentments and fights? Perhaps it’s just plain old misunderstanding, a lack of proper and meaningful communication. What men want from women can often be vastly different from what women think men want from them and vice versa. This breakdown in communication leads to feelings of resentment in men and hopelessness in women. When the sad reality is that, men and women want pretty much the same things from life; peace and harmony, fun, and a whole lot of love.

Hunt Henion’s latest book, ‘Hunt ‘N Bunny In Wonderland’ is a personal account of his adventures finding love, along with its many revelations, through his partner, Bunny. This inspiring tale encourages us to open our senses a bit more and be receptive to the radiant energy of love that is just waiting for us out there — ready to enter our lives. Hunt shares his very personal revelations on love, romance and true intimacy with everyone through this book!

‘Hunt ‘N Bunny In Wonderland’ is in many ways one man’s ode to his love and how a single woman turned his whole life around. This theme is set and put into perspective in the Introduction by Harold W. Becker, author, President and Founder of non profit organisation ‘The Love Foundation. Mr. Becker sets up the book beautifully and raises the expectation level sky high.

It’s pretty obvious that the whole book is a play on Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, albeit a very clever one. “Hunt ‘n Bunny” looms large over Lewis Carroll’s classic with some original and wonderful artwork and personal photographs that all add a mixture of awe and honesty to Hunt’s words.

This is a fantastic book that I found both funny and insightful. Hunt’s sermon that focusing on love provides the best chance for creating peace and harmony in our lives really touches the right chord within me. It encourages the reader to open up and take care of their partner’s every need without worrying if it will be reciprocated in kind or in equal measure. Hunt descends into a different world when he finds love, then takes us with him as in the resulting steep ascendance of revelation, joy, and fulfilment.

‘Hunt ‘N Bunny In Wonderland’ is a breezy read that will have you glued to your seat with a smile on your face, especially if you have a special someone in your life.  If not, you will feel the pang of having let that ‘one’ go, but you’ll also be empowered to find someone even better. Hunt has kept his voice simple and approachable, without adding any unnecessary mumbo jumbo just to make it sound new age or sophisticated. He tells a sweet love story, and Hunt’s adolescent like giddy passion with which he describes Bunny and his love for her is both charming and infectious.

This is a disarmingly honest book, every page you turn will see you lose your scepticism and believe once again in the power of love — of meeting someone who feels like an extension of yourself, the one right that can undo all the wrongs in your life! Whenever you are feeling down thinking about your relationship, reading this book is sure to give the necessary lift.

Hunt ‘N Bunny In Wonderland’ is a study of unconditional love filled with strength, courage, intimacy and honesty and is highly recommended to everyone.

Product Details

Paperback: 116 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 3, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1495400921

ISBN-13: 978-1495400926

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