Heart Invasion – A review of the novel ‘Fox Among Wolves’

“You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it” – Goldie Hawn

In Author Rowanna Green’s novel ‘Fox Amongst Wolves’ we find out about Ginny whose life turns on its head after the strange events of a lone night. When her bath gets interrupted late one night due to the appearance of some strangers in her home asking for assistance, little does she realize then the enormity of this situation. Ginny soon finds out the many secrets that her family holds, especially concerning her ex-military uncle. In between she also has to find a delicate way out of the mess the six men have brought into her life. And it doesn’t help at all when she falls for one of them.

When you read the synopsis on the back of the book, your mind automatically braces itself to the kind of setting and the language that this book is going to employ based on your experiences with other military thrillers. But barely a couple of pages into the book and you will be blown away by the prose and the flow of the narrative. It unabashedly portrays sensuality in every line and the seductive interplay between Ginny and Rick will leave you wanting more. The chapter headings tell you exactly what you can expect in them and they are written in a concise and precise manner, meaning you will start and finish them and move on to the next one very quickly. Rowanna Green writes with such gay abandon and freedom that she is able to seamlessly weave intricate plot lines with off-beat humor and portray calmness in her characters while they face grave adversity in a natural manner. The author keeps pushing newer information into your midst even before you can theorize about what is going to happen next, leaving you guessing about the end right from the start.

The character of Ginny is a definite star and is someone who deserves more follow up adventure stories, she’s desirable and yet underestimated by many which makes her a very exciting character to read about. Readers who love intense, intriguing and somewhat twisted dark romances should not miss this book.

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