Born Again – A review of the novel ‘Death Wishes’

“Tomorrow when I awaken, the slate will be clean, and a new day will stretch before me. God’s mercies are new every morning” ― Lori Hatcher

Author Rowanna Green’s novel ‘Death Wishes: 10 Things I Must Do Before I Die’ tells the story of Josephine, a maths teacher with a heart of gold who unfortunately dies before her time’s up sending heaven and the powers that run it into a tizzy. A corporate-style heaven limits its damage by reviving her life but with a giant clause included. And it also assigns a rookie angel, Machidiel on this case to ensure the conditions are met.

Rowanna Green’s Jo is not only relatable, but her passion for knowledge and seeing the good in everyone will rub off on you too. And Mac as Ralph, Antonio and Mike wafts in through the narrative like a breath of fresh air and remains essential to the stranglehold the book maintains on the reader’s interest level. The fast paced interplay in the dialogues and conversation pieces are not only fun to read but they also reveal more about a character than a descriptive passage would otherwise do. And the romantic angle to the story has a lot of chemistry and a sensual feature to it.

The narrative provides an uplifting mood of redemption, love and spirituality throughout the book. It is perfect for readers who love the forbidden and seemingly impossible romances and yearn to experience the same in their lives. ‘Death Wishes’ is as guilty pleasure as they come.

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