One Final Tag – A review of the novel ‘Dead Wrong’

“Death ends a life, not a relationship” ― Mitch Albom

Author Betta Ferrendelli’s latest novel ‘Dead Wrong’ is the third book in the Samantha Church Mystery series of books. Ace reporter Samantha Church is back to her sleuthing ways in this edition, trying to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious happenings in a mortuary. Still recuperating from the physical and emotional toils of her previous adventure, Sam unwittingly finds herself helping a young woman who wants to expose the shady dealings going on in a funeral home. But she soon finds out that these modern day body snatchers have too much to lose and aren’t afraid to eliminate their threats forever.

The consistency shown by the author in drawing up the character of Samantha Church even in the third book of the series deserves some serious appreciation. At the same time one can also detect a growth in Sam’s character, she has gotten better at responding to her intuitions and her attitude towards her daughter also show a new level of maturity. Sam has this almost sad, miserable side to her personality that is often offset by this amazing heroic quality of taking the fight to the opposition even when she’s feeling down and out. If the previous books showed her dealing with her alcohol addiction, this time around she seems to have gotten that under control. But another trouble brews in her private life in the form of a terrible relationship with her trainer / boyfriend. Trace is a self -centred individual who becomes possessive about Sam when it suits him and otherwise acts aloof around her.

The second main character of Wilson gets a meatier part to play in this book and his personality shines through all the scenes he’s featured in. We also see him dealing with his own alcohol addiction and getting used to his new prosthetic hand. The special relationship and love shared by Sam and Wilson really comes out in Ferrendelli’s writing. You will also get to feel the genuine affection and respect these two characters have for each other. Even secondary characters like Abby, Peg, Mark, Ralph & Helen too are well etched out and their internal conflicts too have been nicely portrayed. Especially the sub-plot involving Helen and her change of heart when she realizes the pointlessness of her ‘job’ are all well written scenes. The book is well researched and yet doesn’t show off its research by unnecessarily packing in too much information about mortuaries and funeral homes.

The book ends on a definite cliff-hanger and as a reader you will have to undergo a tantalizing wait before you can find out what happens to Sam in light of the shocking revelation made towards the end. So Dead Wrong gets it dead right and the now the wait begins for the next book in the series.

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