The May King – A review of the novel ‘Archer’

“The years teach much which the days never knew.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author Jacky Gray’s novel ‘Archer’ tells the tale of its titular protagonist and appears to be set in medieval England. Archer is an exceptionally skilled young boy who must partake in various competitions to be crowned an important tribal title. And the path to such glory is filled with numerous coming of age life events.

The jousting event at the start of the book takes the reader into the thick of the action. And everything you needed to know about all the major characters gets revealed in the first ten minutes of reading. As the story moves ahead, more magical and fantasy elements make their presence felt in the narrative. The alternate society and family system with their own deep seated set of traditions and culture comes alive in the author’s writing. And the attention to detail in creating a unique civilization is quite brilliant.

The aura of Archer looms large over the story’s narrative. There’s something very likeable about Archer. His earnestness, his fighting skills, his loyalty and his code of honor all make for a very interesting character. And the explanations into jousting, sword fighting and archery should entice a whole new set of readers towards this book.

Interesting revelations are made once we get to the epilogue and it’s sure to psych you up for the next set of adventures.

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