The One – A review of the book ‘Andrew Murray: Destined to serve’

“As natural and easy as it has been to be proud, it must become natural for us to be humble” -Andrew Murray

Author Olea Nel’s biographical novel ‘Andrew Murray: Destined to serve’ is based upon a year in the life of Andrew Murray, spent in South Africa as a pastor. Andrew Murray is known the world over as a pastor and as a prolific Christian author having authored more than 240 books in his lifetime. This book is a fictionalized version of a biography as narrated by Andrew Murray himself. After being ordained he is sent from his hometown in Scotland to be a pastor in South Africa. This novel lets the reader peek into the inner thoughts and mind of a 20 year old pastor trying to come to terms with the various changes in the new environment. We get to see a young Andrew Murray showcase his skills and temperament in leading a 20,000 strong congregation and eventually becoming the man the world knows today.

This book that’s the first in a series revolves around an important point that often gets neglected in life, that great men are not born and instead it’s their attitude and approach to work that makes them great. Which I personally thought was a great message and one that everyone should try and imbibe in their lives. Sainthood and being great isn’t limited to a few individuals, everyone has it in them to do good for others and for themselves. And just like Andrew Murray overcame the numerous hurdles that came his way, if we also work hard and keep faith in a power greater than us, then we too can become an inspiration like him.

Proof of Olea Nel’s hard work and extensive research can be found in the vastly informative glossary provided at the end of the book which also contains lots of photographs and maps too. Her narration of this fictionalized novel on one of the most influential figures in history has been done in an extremely approachable manner and believers and non believers, Christians and non Christian readers should find it an interesting read. The book also provides a rare insight into colonised South Africa and the unique political and cultural situation present in the mid 18th century. The end of the book promises an even more interesting and fascinating adventure with him in the next book.

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Print Length: 316 pages

Publisher: Calirvaux House; 1 edition (September 28, 2014)


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