It happened one night – A review of the novella ‘An Adventurous Night’

“Supposing is good, but finding out is better.” – Mark Twain

Author Ronald M. James’s brand new book ‘An Adventurous Night’ is a detective mystery novella involving a crime fighting super PI. Down on his luck and still recuperating from losing his partner in the line of duty, Sammy Shovel is a fast talking and sharp shooting private eye on the lookout for a new gig. Elsewhere in San Francisco, John K. Crowder, an influential businessman has reasons to believe the Tong family is trying to set up base in town to sell drugs. And on a cold San Franciscan night, two Italian thugs, a police agent from Hong Kong, Crowder and Sammy meet each other under mysterious circumstances. After an explosive shoot-out, bodies pile up and an investigation is launched to find the murderers. When Sammy is taken into custody he must work quickly to clear his name and find the real perpetrators of the crime.

“Sammy Shovel may be an anti-hero in appearance but he is a superhero when it comes to crime fighting skills.”

We follow the happenings of a single night in this smartly written story. As the search for the real killer widens, Sammy and the police detectives unearths dark, long-kept secrets of a certain individual that will forever change their perception about him. But it also opens the door to deadly danger. Each of the chapters has an episodic feel to them. It isn’t your average fast-paced crime caper. It moves slowly and takes its time to set each scene and establish the identity of its characters. There are also some smart interplay and witty quips in the dialogues between the characters.

“Sammy is always up for a good fight and he is at his entertaining best when he spars one-on-one with his foes and it doesn’t matter if it’s him or his gun that’s doing the talking.”

Sammy is pretty much a loner and doesn’t care about other people’s opinion about him. Losing his partner who was the closest he had to a friend really affected him. Yet when it comes to work, he is always on top of his game. His mind works faster than those around him and he is always observing things and formulating scenarios that will work towards his benefit. All the characters have depth to their personality, even the antagonists aren’t just bad guys shooting people and then getting killed in the end by the hero. A sincere effort has been made to portray them as real people and showcase the rationale behind their life choices.

And the word from the publisher is that ‘An Adventurous Night’ will be the first among many books to come out in this brand new series involving the highly entertaining Sammy Shovel as a private investigator. Next up will be ‘Too Beautiful For Words’ which will continue from where this story ended and it’s due for release in a few month’s time.

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