Beyond the fairytales – A review of the book ‘A Journey To Becoming Your Own Best Friend’

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”  – Coco Chanel

Author Karen Chaston’s book ‘A Journey To Becoming Your Own Best Friend’ helps you in discovering your one all season friend, i.e. you. Women have historically put other people’s interest before her own, especially if they are someone she cares about. But this sort of behavior often has a detrimental effect on the woman’s physical and emotional growth. Karen shows us how through simple actions and determined decisions, one can bring about monumental changes to one’s life.

Many women don’t listen to their inner self or follow their conscience because of societal pressure and norms. And when they don’t travel on their destined life path, material success may come their way but true happiness will always be at an arm’s length away. That is why all women should read this book, it encourages them to stop playing second fiddle and take control and thereby cultivate a happier, fulfilled and inspiring attitude towards life.

It’s not a how-to book that lists the wrongs with you and then gives you the steps to correct it. It gently nudges you to take a closer look at your day-to-day life and observe within these patterns of everyday life the small changes you can make to bring a whole level of difference to your life. The core and often repeated message of this book is that it urges women to take charge of their lives by not trying to please everyone all the time. The book is intended not only to provide inspiration but also to bolster self-confidence and self-esteem in women, so that they can stop feeling sorry for themselves and stop playing the victim and take charge of their own destiny.

Karen Chaston has a lovely narrative voice that is down to earth, friendly and resembles advice coming from close family. She is both witty and articulate when the passage demands of her and each chapter gives clear and concise instructions on how to deal with a particular problem. Following the writings and simple meditations that the author offers, you will be able to endure the difficult time of getting to know your ‘self’ better and build up the courage to go out and empower yourself.  This is not a read-it-in-a-single-go book, although you can (and it’s hard not to) read it cover to cover, you should ideally keep it by the bedside table and read a couple of passages every morning before you begin your day.

The author has spent quite a number of years coming up with the thoughts and feelings shared in this book, to share her knowledge with the rest of the world. Now it’s up to everyone reading this book to take forward from where this book ends and carve out their own individual life paths to success and happiness.

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Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Kazand Investments Pty Ltd (October 13, 2014)

ISBN-10: 0994175302

ISBN-13: 978-0994175304

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