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Natasha and Alex. Lovers since long. They gravitate towards each other. Their love life is one of a kind. Alex loves her, but he doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after fairy tale love stories. And he spares no occasion to let her know this. However, as fate would have it, their 9 year old relationship is coming to an end. But they don’t know this, not yet. Alex is neither gorgeous nor successful though he has no qualms about acting otherwise. Natasha brings her own quirks to their relationship. Quirks capable of ruining any relationship. Coupling floodlights the stage and makes the reader enact, direct and witness the play of life all at the same time, leaving a unique feel of fulfillment at curtain fall.

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Last Things

“So you get to see this wonderful contrast between the two characters and you can see the gradual changes happening in Bridgette as she spends more time with Alexis, her daughter Eden and around other supporting characters. Expect to be taken on an emotional journey as these two characters discover life together. It is a positive book which extols us to treat each day as a gift and an opportunity to do some good in the world and bring a smile to a stranger’s face.”

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Sufi Prayer and Love

“The introduction given by the author was an honest piece of writing and my heart went out to him that he was able to make such a divine connection with the almighty. Reading this book should give you a different perspective and bring you in harmony with God.”

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Heart-Rending Times by C Radhakrishnan

“This work of fiction is sure to leave you dumbstruck with the genuine characters and emotions that will pierce even the harshest of critics. The narrative is staggeringly beautiful; the scenes themselves are deep and rich.”

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Target Earth by Mary Louise Davie

“Target Earth isn’t a typical sci-fi/apocalypse novel and that is because of the subtle but important political message found in the book. The threat to humanity is not from outsiders but from within – is a thread that needs to be explored in detail by everyone.”

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Doomed Empire by Richard Dawes

“The narrative is a frank depiction of life, and presents the dark depths to which human nature can sink in pursuit of false power and prestige. The novel, through the portrayal of Darius’ unbridled greed and narcissistic pursuit of advancement provides what I believe to be a reflection of the conditions of the modern world.”

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Seasons of Pain by Imowen Lodestone

“There’s a sequence in the book involving Jesse in an abandoned house; the description of it takes the cake in concocting a macabre-ish, nightmare of elm street on steroids horror sequence; it’s easily the best written scene that I have come across in recent horror books.”

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The Page by Gordon Osmond

“Gordon is a linguist’s delight, a master wordsmith, and a grammar Nazi all rolled into one; his books are a total delight to read irrespective of the route the narrative takes.”

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The Phoenix Rising by Gary Caplan

“The quality of a book can generally be judged by the words in it, in addition to its story. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters. Taking off from this ‘The Phoenix Rising’ can be judged in two distinct ways. Firstly, it handles the theme of space battles and culture quite well. The detailing in this fully imagined world and the description of it manages to paint a lively picture in the minds of the reader. But alternatively it’s the same point that gives the novel a feel of an overwritten work. Fantasy/Military fiction genre books are generally more descriptive than others but you still feel this story could have been narrated more succinctly.”

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Dragon Sword by Richard Dawes

Armed with a special sword and a style of swordsmanship that is unique to him, Valka encounters many ruffians and villains in his quest for adventure. There are backstabbing nobles, challenges from outlaws, and even an ancient dragon that test his powers. Dedicated learning and following of the ‘Warrior’s Way’ enables him to channel immense power from within, however, and that power becomes his ally when confronted with life and death situations.”

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One Helluva Life by Roger Blake

“Roger Blake’s writing has a personal touch to it and should easily connect with readers. The narrative checkmarks various themes like humor, romance & sensuality, inspirational, emotion rich, and action filled; all in all a standard fare that you would expect from any traditional action-thriller fiction book. Except the fact that this isn’t fiction and all these events took place in an individual’s life should leave you with something to think about.”

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A Widow’s Silhouette by Basil Opurum

“A lot of research and observation seems to have gone into the book’s preparation. This can be evidenced in its mentioning of the intricate details of various local traditions. You really get a feel of the people’s food habits, their transportation woes, their trade and businesses, and religious beliefs. The book offers a good vantage view into the happenings and workings of another culture. But it never stops to glorify or criticize its practices and traditions and these simply form the background to the story told. This is both charming and erudite at the same time.”

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Teenagers Playing Grown Ups by Karen Chaston

“The author has tried to convey that children are a blessing and that we must learn to think outside of our preconceived notions of what a family should look like and move forward with acceptance and love in our hearts. And any book with such a positive message gets a double thumbs-up from my side.”

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The Lion Trees by Owen Thomas

“The Lion Trees depicts people who can’t be slotted as just saints or monsters, they fall somewhere in between, just like any of us. Owen Thomas’s writing leaves you richer with emotions and contentment even before the ending arrives. And if there is only one book that you are going to read this year, make it The Lion Trees.”

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